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Health Care Professionals

Metabolic Maintenance is dedicated to helping our health care professionals provide the most comprehensive patient care possible.

Supporting your Business

We have developed a few distinctly different resale options to support your business and enhance patient care.


You can choose to participate in multiple options and there is no restriction as to which option you use or for how long. Metabolic understands the needs of your practice may change over time. Our goal is to provide you and your patients with quality nutritional products in a manner best suited to your current style of practice.



Setting up an in-office dispensary allows your office to take advantage of our larger purchase incentives. You purchase Metabolic products at the professional price and provide them to your patients at retail price. Please keep in mind we have a Unilateral Minimum Pricing Program that prohibits advertising Metabolic Maintenance products online for less than the full suggested retail price. However, you can sell our products at whatever price you deem appropriate when retailing out of your physical office space.

Office Despensary


Drop ship dispensing is a good option for offices with limited retail space and/or unpredictable purchasing patterns. Not always able to predict what you need to have in stock? Order only exactly what your patients need by first setting up a professional account with our customer service team. Then, purchase product at a professional price and have Metabolic drop ship the order directly to your patient. No invoice is sent with the shipment so you are able to charge your patient whatever you deem appropriate. There is no additional charge to drop ship an order.

Drop Ship despensing


Metabolic Maintenance is happy to pay shipping for healthcare professional orders over $200.00. Your package will ship UPS Ground and arrive in 3 to 7 business days. (NOTE: Holidays may affect duration of shipping time.) All retail orders over $50.00 will ship free. Packages will arrive in 3 to 10 business days via USPS priority mail. (NOTE: Holidays may affect duration of shipping time.) Free shipping valid for orders placed online and shipped within the continental United States. Metabolic reserves the right to change our policy and the method utilized for free shipping at will.

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For practitioners who do not want to be involved with sales but want to be assured that their patients are receiving 100% guaranteed Metabolic Maintenance products, refer your patients to order direct from Metabolic Maintenance by phone, email, fax, or online at Our retail price will be charged for all patient direct orders. Although this option does not allow you to pass your professional price on to your patient, or collect income for the sale, you can be assured that your patient is receiving top quality product and customer service from Metabolic Maintenance and not an unauthorized dealer.

Patient Direct

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